October 18

Conquering the Odds: Interview with Reasey Poch


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in this episode of Yemi Connected, I had the opportunity to sit down with journalist and online content creator, Reasey Poch. 

We discuss his journey to the U.S., his life as a journalist, and get into some of the challenges that came with producing content remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Reasey shares how his team's workflow shifted away from the office and international tv or radio studios to the home office. He shares how he's adapted to produce professional quality productions from home without access to professional studios, editing suites, and a technical staff support.

We get into his 'work from home' tech stack, such as his recommended software for online meetings, video editing, and the microphone he now uses to record his tv, internet, and radio productions remotely.

Check it out!

About the author

Yemi Jimason is a hip hop producer, artist, and digital entrepreneur with more than two decades experience in entertainment and international media. He launched YemiConnected as a platform to entertain, inform, and connect with high performers in all areas of life.


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