September 27

Arjun Rai of HelloWoofy: Social Media Driven By A.I.


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In our first episode of YemiConnected, I had the opportunity to connect with tech entrepreneur, Arjun Rai. We dive into Arjun's story, his previous business ventures, social media marketing, and learn about his new startup, HelloWoofy.

Social media marketing is vital for small businesses, but it can also be time-consuming and expensive. If you're a solopreneur or small business owner, you may not have the resources to hire a social media manager or outsource the work to an agency.

Arjun Rai takes us behind the curtain on his HelloWoofy venture to show how the new cloud-based software uses A.I. technology to automate, simplify, and optimize much of your social media publishing. 

Who is Arjun Rai?

The founder of HelloWoofy and emojidata.ai has been featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Smart Hustle, AlleyWatch, SearchEngineWatch, and Tech.co. As an entrepreneur with several ventures under his belt, Rai knows the importance of digital marketing for small business owners.

He previously ran his own social media marketing agency, FuelBrite.com, and realized how much the market needed a software solution to automate and simplify much of the creation and management of content across social media platforms.

Check out Arjun Rai's HelloWoofy.com software here.

Arjun Rai

Arjun Rai, Founder & CEO of HelloWoofy

HelloWoofy - A.I. Based Marketing

Familiar with all of the popular social media software options, he launched HelloWoofy to bring something better than the competititon - and at an aggressive price point. This is more than just another tool to schedule tweets or facebook posts. It's less like a software, and more like having a social media marketing manager.

Check out the live demo during our interview in the video below, Rai shared his screen to show how HelloWoofy can literally write your social media posts for you using their patent pending A.I technology.

For example, if you're posting an article on social media, the HelloWoofy software will 'read' the article, it will offer text suggestions, and even pull a quote from the article to use with the post. The software can also suggest hashtags, relevant emojis, and offer related (royalty-free) images that are appropriate for your post.

So you can go in, create a 100% unique and engaging social media post, repurpose it across multiple platforms, and schedule posts up to six months out. 

Check out the full interview with HelloWoofy CEO, Arjun Rai below.

HelloWoofy Pricing

If you want to test out the social media tool for yourself, you can create a new account here. If you're looking for HelloWoofy pricing, there are several options. 

There are six different tiers of pricing that range from $49 to $1189/year. We'll focus on the first three options as those plans will fill the needs for most entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you run a large agency or enterprise and are interested in their more costly options, of course it's all listed in detail on their site.

The Pro Plan - $49/ year. This plan allows you to link up to 25 social media accounts and give access to nine members on your team. The pro account allows you to post on facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Google My Business, and Twitter.

The SMB Plan - $69/year. This option is great for small businesses. You can connect up to 50 accounts with up to 18 members of your team. With this account, you can post up to ten blog posts daily and also integrate with Alexa - for streaming content on home devices. The SMB plan allows posting to the same social media platforms as the Pro account.

The Agency Plan - $99/year. Note that the Agency plan is comparably priced to some of HelloWoofy's alternatives - that offer a fraction of the benefits. This plan can link up to 100 social media accounts. You can grant access to double the number of team members allowed with the SMB plan.

The Agency plan also integrates with the same platforms as the Pro and SMB plan. What's unique is this is the lowest tier plan that allows publishing video posts on LinkedIn. It allows autoposting on Instagram, and other unique features.

All pricing information is on the website and outside the scope of this HelloWoofy review. For up-to-date plan and pricing plans, visit HelloWoofy's website directly.

Interview with tech entrepreneur, Arjun Rai: How to automate your social media marketing with A.I.

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HelloWoofy Review

Arjun Rai has put together a unique social media marketing software with HelloWoofy. I've been using int myself for over a month now and it's an easy, intuitive software that I can use to keep my social media feed active.

What I Like About HelloWoofy:

The software integrates with all of the platforms I personally use. The ease to repurpose content is making me think I should be everywhere and post across multiple sites as it's easy to set up and start creating content and earning followers.

Important note: I've previously used a competitor social posting tool that didn't have many of the features of HelloWoofy. This was a few years ago and I was paying roughly $100/year for the software. The competitor did not offer a library of images, A.I. content creation, or even the clean U.X. of this software. 

At the time of this writing, it's competitively priced for a premium software with robust features. 

Click here to visit Arjun Rai's HelloWoofy website.

Review of Arjun Rai HelloWoofy

What I Do Not Like About HelloWoofy:

It was great to sit with Arjun Rai and get a good HelloWoofy review. The only challenge I see with the software is that not all of the social media platform integrations have been implemented yet. While they've prioritized the main publishing platforms, they still have a number of integrations in the cue that haven't launched. It's a young startup, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of main platforms in the user dashboard.

Youtube and Pinterest, for example are huge platforms for driving traffic to your website. It will be interesting to start playing with the software on Youtube as I launch this new channel...

Show Notes:

You can follow Arjun Rai on twitter here.

Check out HelloWoofy on Facebook here. 

Join Arjun Rai's Facebook group for content creators here.

For a free trial of the HelloWoofy software, click here.  

Learn more about Arjun Rai's patent pending A.I. technology here.

Watch the interview directly on Youtube here.

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