Measuring Impact Beyond Reach

Measuring Impact Beyond Reach
Every day, the BBG networks work in some of the most repressive media environments in the world to inform, engage and connect with their audiences in support of freedom and democracy. To evaluate its ability to accomplish this mission, the BBG must measure more than just audience size – it must intimately understand how its networks are affecting the lives of their audiences. This is why the agency enthusiastically addressed one of its new priorities – developing a streamlined Impact Model with a sharper focus.


In this panel discussion, CEO John Lansing will moderate a conversation with representatives from each of the five networks, about impact in their own work.


Panelists include:

Sonja Gloeckle (GLOW-cull): IBB Director of Research

Bay Fang: Managing Director for Northeast Asia, RFA

Nada Alwadi: Community Manager, Raise Your Voice, MBN

Daisy Sindelar: Regional Director for Europe, Russia specialist, RFE/RL

Natalia Crujerias: Chief Content Officer, OCB

Ernest Torriero: Director, VOA Extremism Watch Desk

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