Happy to be back

When my son was born, I took a break from social media to focus on just being in the moment. Not a complete break, I still maintained my Instagram and Twitter, more of a break from the more in depth and take over all of your time Facebook. It had its moments where it could consume your entire day. My little guy will be 2 soon and I feel a lot more comfortable about returning to the Facebook scene. The great news is that I’m bringing a few more social media outlets along with me. “Yemi Connected” gives me a chance to return to the scene with a little more. I’m excited to reconnect with a lot of friends on Facebook, and happy to talk to even more of you with “Yemi connected”. 

Today is “World Press Freedom Day”. I want to return celebrating our hero’s in journalism as well as the great work being done to recognize them. 

The Broadcasting Board of Governors marked the day remembering journalist that were lost in the field, while continuing to provide news and analysis to places that don’t have free press. 

BBG Marks World Press Freedom Day

Working in broadcast news gives me a great appreciation for those who put their lives on the line to deliver us the truth. 

With that said. Happy World Press Freedom Day! It’s great to be back. 


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